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DAD gets SUCKED INTO a WHIRLPOOL! While we are swimming and he has a huge welt to PROVE IT! Bria is trying to relax in the pool and her brothers keep bugging her! Even a SHARK ATTACKS! We love having fun in the sun and in the pool! watch this video and hang out with us!

The Anderson party of 5 consists of:
Dad (Joel)
Cohen (11)
Bria (10)
Cody (8)
Family means everything to us!

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How Deep the World's Strongest Whirlpool Is

No matter how much you paddle, all your attempts to get the boat under control are in vain. All the water around you has come alive. It’s not a smooth peaceful surface anymore, but a bubbling vortex! What’s worse, it’s dragging you right into the hungry mouth of a giant beast straight from ancient myths! And it has a name: the Saltstraumen Maelstrom…

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The world’s strongest whirlpool 1:17
How dangerous Saltstraumen Maelstorm is 5:04
The biggest maelstrom in the Western Hemisphere 6:02
Naruto Whirlpool 7:12
The second largest maelstrom in the world and wild swimmers 8:15

#Norway #whirpool #brightside

- For centuries these whirlpools, or maelstroms, were a thing of legend. There was no explanation for their existence and no power that could get an unfortunate ship out of their trap.
- Whirlpools are bodies of spinning water that flows towards the center where two currents smash into each other. The result is the birth of a vortex.
- The Saltstraumen Maelstrom is situated on the northern coast of Norway near a town called Bodø. Norway is famous for its coastline covered in rocky fjords.
- This name can be translated as “salty stream”. And that’s probably because every 6 hours, over 100 billion gallons of salty seawater powers through the current in the strait at an impressive 25 mph.
- The current is ferocious enough to make any effort to swim away almost completely futile.
- And a vortex this size will surely drag anyone underwater within seconds. The water here is extremely cold too, so, yeah, getting sucked in would be a bad situation to say the least!
- On the other hand, the Saltstraumen Maelstorm poses little to no threat to boats or ships nowadays.
- Another huge maelstrom gained famed thanks to authors like Edgar Allan Poe and Jules Verne. It’s the Old Sow Whirlpool – the biggest maelstrom in the Western Hemisphere.
- Sometimes it even shoots weak fountains to the surface so it becomes bloated and unnaturally still.
- The current running through the islands of Naruto and Awaji flows at 12 mph. When the spring tides begin, vortices here can be over 65 feet in diameter, which is about as long as a bowling lane.
- Corryvreckan’s whirlpool is the second largest maelstrom in the world, and it calms down only for about an hour or so a day.
- Some people actually try to swim across this thing! They’re called “wild swimmers” and the Gulf of Corryvreckan is a hotspot for them.

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ZayTrism : Kid Ants: Mom what is the worlds biggest whirlpool?
Mom Ant: A guy or a girl stirring its water in a glass using a spoon
yunas saxer : unbelievable!
Brianna Truong : Me: listening to the video
BS: water + air
Jeffrey Young : You spelled Deer island wrong.
Dirk Moments : Øh ñø

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이종상 : 거품이 너무 심하네요
김인오술 부건 : 건축 및 인테리어.센스가 정말 정말 세련되 보입니다. 혹시 개별 주택 공사는 안하시는지요?
썬룸 제외하고 6평 기준으로 견적이 얼마나 되는지 궁금합니다
아핫잠만이 : 관심이 있긴한데...
어떻게 2주택이 안되는지 설명해주시면 좋을텐데 그냥 전화로 문의하라는 식으로만 얘기하니 왠지 찜찜하네요
고니 : 환상 이네요
오쑝 : 복층에 작게라도 미니테라스있음 좋겟어요ㅋ
대출얼마나 나올까요?




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