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canon CL741 ink catridge refilling | mx457 | How to refill canon CL741 colour ink catridge|

This Video Contains Refilling of canon CL741 colour ink catridge

click this link to watch refilling of canon black ink catridge pg 740

Ink catridge model number for MX457 printer

How to refill Canon CL-741 CL-241 CL-541 CL-641 Inkjet Cartridge - Auto-Refill System

AIR740(Auto Ink Recharger) for CANON PG740/CL741,PG840/CL841,PG540/CL541 etc

AIR740(Auto Ink Recharger) for CANON PG740/CL741,PG840/CL841,PG540/CL541

● Compatible Models ●

MG 3170/MG 4170/MG3270
MG3570/MG4270 /MX 437
MX 517/ MX397/MX457/MX527

● Detailed information ●

1) 1~2 Push ink recharging : Recharging is done by pushing a pump

2) 2 ink recharging at the same time : 2 ink is simultaneous recharged and available for each as well

3) Perfect clean-recharging : You can recharge without getting dirty your hands

4) very low price (including 4 ink packs 180mg/each) : Very low agent and retail price enable anyone to buy it without any hesitation

○ Recharging principle ○

When pushing the elastomeric pump, ink is inhaled by the
absorptive power of pump. Then, the ink is inhaled to the
sponge in the cartridge

○ Contact information ○




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