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Pisco: The national drink of Peru andChile

After 36 years Peru qualified for the World Cup in 2018. It seems as good a reason as any to celebrate all things Peruvian.

One of those things is the country’s national beverage which has been delighting the taste buds of residents for 400 years.

Correspondent Dan Collyns raises a glass for this report on Pisco.

Peru is the world’s largest producer of Pisco, a brandy-like spirit distilled from grapes.

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Master The Classics: Pisco Sour

Although Pisco based Mixed drinks date back to the 1700's in Peru, It is commonly agreed among drink historians that the Pisco Sour was created in the 1920's by American Bartender Victor Vaughen Morris. In 1903 Morris left the US to work in Cerro De Pasco a town in central Peru. In 1916 he moved to Lima where he opened his own establishment, Morris' Bar. The bar shortly became the regular haunt of English speaking foreigners and the Peruvian upper class. It was here that Morris created the iconic tipple. There are a few stories which state that an English Ship's Steward named Eliot Stubb created the drink in 1872. Stubb was the steward of a ship called Sunshine and apparently he mixed some lime juice, syrup and Pisco together while at a cocktail bar while his ship was in port. This story has a few holes and is unsubstantiated, also the first known mention of the drink in print dates to 1921 in a magazine which names Morris as the inventor and then again in 1924 in an advertisement for Morris' bar.

There is also a mention of a drink that sounds suspiciously like a Pisco Sour in a cookbook called "Nuevo Manual De Cocina a la Criolla" published in 1903. This book suggests this drink was created over 100 years ago. Here's the description:
"An egg white, a glass of Pisco, a teaspoon of fine sugar, and a few drops of lime as desired, this will open your appetite." Sounds like the makings of Pisco Sour to me. Wherever this drink came from, the one thing we can count on is that it's delicious! So enjoy it!

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Here's The Specs:
2oz (60ml) Pisco
.75oz (22.5ml) Lime Juice
.75oz (22.5ml) Simple Syrup
1 egg white
Garnish: Angostura Bitters
Lorena CastChiesa : Use always Quebranta Pisco for a real pisco sour.
lira giaccaglia : Hi :) "Acholado" means that it´s made with a mix of different grapes varietals
R Gueta : Cheers mate, for a second I thought you were the dude from The Hangover.
Tittenmann : Hey Leandro, why didnt you use a sprinkle of cinnamon as a topping? The peruvian fellows i know all told me that it needs cinnamon on top?
Jordan Saldaña : The best cocktail from Perú
Kev Candy : Morris had a bar it wasn't in the Maury hotel. But what happened is that he created the pisco sour inspired on the whiskey sour , and one of the bartender who used to work for him 8 months later went to work to Maury hotel there he redesigned the recipe by adding white egg. The best type of Pisco for me to use it for pisco sour it would be " Pisco Italia" or "Pisco Quebranta"
Expose The Luciferian Agenda : I’m Peruvian. I make the best pisco sours lol
00sevensargent : I wouldn't start a video being uncertain about the content.
Ty : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMe4BGBjc1I Take a look!
Apolo h : Champagne = Francia
Tekila = México
PISCO = Perú

How to Make a Pisco Sour Cocktail

Mixologist Eben Freeman, of Tailor restaurant in New York City, demonstrates how to make a frothy Pisco Sour cocktail.

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How to Make a Pisco Sour Cocktail
El Viola Feos : All wrong. This is the correct way:

3oz of Pisco (Especially a Quebranta)
3oz of lime juice (some people do 2)
1oz of Simple Syrup
1 egg white

Stir for 30 secs approximately and then serve on a glass. A few dashes of Angostura Bitters on top of the foam and done.
"chilean pisco" = copy+paste
"chilean pisco" = fake = doesn't exist.
Susan Huerta : Pisco sower the best cocktail in South America from Peru.
Siberian Gone International : LOOOOVE this drink! Can't wait to make it at home
Karl Schwinbarger : The Pisco sour I had at Christmas in 2012 was SO good. I need to make this. Trust me it tastes good even if you don't care where it's from.
Свирин Дмитрий : Русских субтитров не хватает
prosdocimo : And pisco sour is a Peruvian drink so makes no sense making it with Chilean moonshine
prosdocimo : OMG Barsol? That’s Chilean pisco.. meaning not pisco
I H : Pissco is preferable to just drinking piss.
Cali : MMMM peruvian drink!!!




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