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HP Mini 2140

A quick look at an HP Mini 2140 netbook.
Jaime Mckay : I would highly recommend trying out Lightning Linux on this netbook. It has the broadcom drivers already installed, is easy to use, has a bunch of great apps installed, and looks good. It might be a little bit of a struggle for the atom and it is not perfect but I would give it a shot. If you change your mind about messing around with the drivers then I would also recommend Lubuntu because it might run a little better on the atom. As always great video!
talldude123 : I once had an HP Mini 2133, which was basically the same thing. I recall mine having Vista Business as the stock OS, however I was able to load Windows 7 Pro no problem. I gave it away to a friend who needed a computer. It had an incredible screen resolution too, I believe it was 1280x800.
LAURENCE JOHNSON : Linux Zorin 12.1 might do the job.
Oszkar Marialaki : Could you write down which battery is that on the video ? Coz i have same 2140 but my batterz is not same, i cant check the power level and i would like buy like your one ..... thanks your help
Dev Happy : I just to ask your opinion about this as my laptop for teaching students in Japan through video call. Is the built in camera great for video calls? Thank You!

HP Mini 2140: Disassembly & RAM Upgrade

Upgrading this 10 year old HP Mini 2140 with a RAM upgrade. I will be swapping out the old 1GB DDR2 RAM with a 2GB DDR2 RAM (max supported size) which is sufficient enough for the OS (Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit).

Full specs:

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Thanks for watching, guys! Ratings is always appreciated :)
roso stein : thx
Jenine Dela Cruz : "2:38"
Try and set the amount you want as you like
I got the amount I really wanted

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Kay One : Hello my friend laptop is the same like this but it’s running xp was yours on windows 7
Kay One : Subscribe to you

How to disassemble and clean laptop HP mini 2140

How to fix overheating laptop, how to open and replace thermal paste in HP mini 2140.
Screwdrivers set:
Opening tools:
Magnetic Mat:
Thermal paste:

screwdrivers set:
thermal paste:

screwdriver set:
thermal paste:

Answers for most popular questions:
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Camilo Molina : Thank you very much!
GerbilNoises : Imagine this tiny thing having upgradable CPU and GPU as well.
Espectro FF : quem ae desmontou com faca de cozinha? kkk
How-FixIT : **ENG: Links to screwdrivers and parts in the description under the video
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