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Centum Investor Briefing FY 2019/2020

End of year results for FY 2019/2020 for Centum Investments PLC

CENTUM Documentary Film

Team Cure | Centum | Sniping for Charity No.5

READ and OPEN PLEASE: A huge effort went into this guys and girls, let's hit 2000 LIKES and 1000 FAVs!!! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and also leave a COMMENT with your reaction!!! Remember here at Team Cure ALL our partnership money goes to CHARITY so if you want to join us on our mission to help others hit SUBSCRIBE and check out the charities we have supported. Thank you for every like, comment, fav, view and share it means so much to the team.

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First song - Diamond Eyes by Shinedown
Second song - Second Chance by Shinedown

Thanks again for all the support,

Josh (Cure PB)




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