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Question - Manfred Mann

And the power that bore me had left me alone
To figure out which way was right
All pictures ©Lukalama Photography (Rulie Oryza)
lovelylili : Good musics doesn't have an expiration date.
Amalia Laila Fitri : Nice song...
Renus Rosicky : Forever song
Miguel Carcueva : fake
gintoki zakata : They answered my questions with questions
Elapau Chan : Etivac
ckmanzano : one of my favorite song in my high school life 1985-89. too much memories from candon national high school, philippines. greetings from las vegas! jun manzano❤️
Ronaldo M : good all days , gone
Mary Jane Esquejo : 8.19.2020 still
June Aquino : August 2020 still listening one of my fave it

System Of A Down - Question! (Official Video)

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Sweet berries ready for two ghosts are no different than you.
Ghosts are now waiting for you.
Are you...
Sweet berries ready for two ghosts are no different than you.
Ghosts are now waiting for you.
Are you...
Dreaming! Dreaming the night! Dreaming all right!

Do we! Do we know, when we FLY?
When we, when we go
Do we die?
Eren : when we go do we die ??
Shamrik Khachatrian : I think that song is one of the best and it is one of my favorite. Serj mentions dreams as the transportation media of his mind and asks the Question! which is in summary "When I dream, am I making something wrong, why are you so negative about me dreaming?" The real answer to that is his music and the way he sings, because that Question! is not answerable neither is meaningless.. I, as Armenian and son of this account's owner, my Mom, am done.
Edwin Diaz : Septiembre 2020 ???
Sxchinthx : This is NOSTALGIC ❤❤❤
Jojo's y otras cosas Facha : Gracias pinche Francisco por mostrarne está canción
brayan mesa :
Khaled Youssef : 2:16
Jenik Romanov : ✨‍♀️
Javier Loaiza : Short but tasty
Ø GcBoss : Best soad song.

Chris Brown - Questions (Official Music Video)

"Questions“ available everywhere now!
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Jada Delvalle : I love this song that I can't stop listening to this song.
Killer Akame : To this day 3 years past we still don’t know what is the question lol
crazycrackhead bubblegums : I know the original song. Forgot the name. Maa childhood
Angel Villalona : Ya know lyrica from love and hip hop wrote this for him and nobody talking bout it
Jose Manuel Inawasan : SENDING DANCEHALL VIBES❤️
jj malone : Best twerking I have ever seen.. Miley this is how it's done
Poliana Cristina : Viciada nessa musica do cris o problema dela q ela acaba muito bom o ritmo
Emily Brownett : Trust me if you ain't heard this song yet then you missed
omondi Rebecca : this song is good




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